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Joanne Pemberton (She/ her)

Joanne Pemberton is a Glasgow based creative who expresses herself through printmaking, collage, and origami. She crafts prints and constructs paper sculptures that reflect ideas about deep time.

Rock, Paper, Earth

Rock, Paper, Earth

This body of work is derived from a fascination with the repeated cycles and transformative processes that happen within rocks and fossils.

I am interested in making the invisible visible and attempting to capture the uncontainable nature of earth.

These prints and sculptures map my geological discoveries and encounters within the city, landscape, archive and print studio.

Examining my relationship with geology in different contexts has led to my own revelations of how interactions with materials and objects can help us comprehend our place within deep time.

Photo of Stone Lithograph

67 St.Vincent Street

Stone lithograph, 50 x 70cm.
For Sale: Price on request.
Photo of cyanotype print

Craigielaw Point

Cyanotype, 30 x 21cm.
For Sale: Price on request.

Stored Impressions

Stone lithograph, cyanotype, digital print, rock, bone.
Photo of lithography stone sculpture with folded paper in the middle

Unearthed Pages

Lithography stone, solar print, 30 x 30 x 40cm.

Blotted Ashes

Cyanotype, screenprint, soil, 60 x 20cm.

Covered Slice

Cyanotype, 30 x 21cm.
Folded screenprint paper With crystals

Held Fortunes

Screenprint, crystals, 20 x 15 x 20cm.

Preview Night for Postgraduate Degree Show 2022

Photo of stone lithograph print

Unfolding Tide

Stone lithograph, 20x10cm.
For Sale: Price on request.


Cyanotype, screenprint, 90 x 273cm.