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ZHANG JIPING (she/her)

I graduated from the School of Journalism of Fudan University and am currently studying for a master’s degree in interior design at the Glasgow School of Art. I hope to work as an interior designer in the future. I pay attention to the feasibility, innovation, logic and aesthetics of projects. An inter-professional background enables me to properly apply multidisciplinary knowledge in project design. The communication and marketing background makes me particularly interested in the information transfer properties of space. I believe that space can be a medium, and designers need to learn how to encode and predict how users will decode the design language to effectively and accurately transfer information through space.

Rehabilitation centre in Iraq

Rehabilitation centre in Iraq

It is a psychological rehabilitation center which contains a workshop. The centre will be located in Mosul, a northern city in Iraq which has been badly damaged during wars.

This project aims to help healing Iraqi victims from diffenrent aspects, it will also provide jobs for Mosul and revitalize the local handicraft industry and economy at the same time, which is an urgent for Mosul and its citizens. .

The centre has been rufurbished from a damaged church in the western city of Mosul. It is also a trauma-informed design project and a user-centered design. Furthermore, this is a growth space where users can participate in the construction.

The workshop

The workshop is tall and wide. It has only one floor to ensure that there is plenty of natural light in this underground space.

reading corner

The reading corner is located in a part of the original corridor. The new walkway outside made this part can be a quiet space for reading and relaxing.




I reused plastic bag to make strings, then combined them with woolen to make different kind of materials.As time goes on, those elements will be decorated by people and look completely different from the original.

Garden in the Air

It is a hanging garden. people can get here through an elevator(inside the original tower).

mesh web

People can apply their handmade strings to mesh wires and wooden partition walls inside the space.

The Entrance

The entrance was partially refurbished from the damaged part of the original corridor. There are stairs and an accessible elevator at the entrance.

The Climbing Wall

the workshop

The damaged window

This damaged window has been remained in the new centre. People can apply materials on it to make this scar a special feature of the centre.