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Jinglin Feng (MISS)

Emotion has a massive impact on my life, it interferes with my life, controls my behaviors, and even damages my health. I generate it but I do not control it. At certain moments negative emotions seem to become the master of my body and can lead me to act and think in very dangerous. I don’t want to be controlled by my emotions and I want to break free from them. I am constantly trying to understand emotions, I study where they come from, where they arise and how to make them disappear……

The process of doing this project was self-healing for me and I wanted all people to be able to beat their emotions. Initially, I used emotions as a starting point to show them releasing their emotions. I drew a lot of lines to express my emotions and created spaces with these lines. At the same time building a forest where these lines can disappear. Each person has his or her own tree and connects with people they know to create a secret base for each person. I hope that emotions no longer control our bodies and that everyone can be liberated and set free.

The Disappearing Line

The Disappearing Line