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Jiaye Jin

I am a Graphic Designer that recognises the need for social responsibility and citizenship as crucial aspects of my practice.


Fade into the night

Fade into the night

The theft of stray cats and dogs has become a well established black industry in China.

I chose this topic because I often read news about Chinese volunteers rescuing stray cats and dogs on Chinese social media platforms. I have two cats at home, so I am very interested in the topic of pets.

Due to the lack of integrity of China’s animal protection laws, the abuse of stray cats and dogs, the use of cat fur to make fur products and the consumption of cat and dog meat have always been in a grey area. Many Chinese people themselves are not even aware of the existence of this industrial chain. My purpose of making this thread is to expose the fact that the black industrial chain exists, and I hope that more people will be aware of the existence of this phenomenon.