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Sam Song

Awakening Shikumen

My name is Sam Song and I am an interior designer who loves to create. I believe that interior design is a subject that can lead human progress. I hope to improve everyone’s life through interior design, and let human beings live in a better future through creativity. People-oriented is my design purpose.

Awakening Shikumen
Awakening Shikumen

Awakening Shikumen

My aim of this project is to bring back the Shikumen into people’s lives through its renovation. A heterogeneous design strategy is used to develop Shikumen for modern inhabitants, based on the analysis of contemporary user needs and the post-evaluation of multiple options, thus providing multiple approaches to the renewal of Shikumen. Shikumen, as a representative of Shanghai’s history and culture, was originally residential, but most of the surviving Shikumen have been converted into commercial spaces. Through a new understanding of Shikumen, the new Shikumen will return to its essence of residential function.

The original design of the Shikumen was a combination of both Chinese and Western cultures, and I want to awake the Shikumen by combining Glasgow’s culture with Chinese culture. I hope that the future Shikumen will be a multi-cultural living space, where people can feel that the interior is telling them a story about the fusion of Shanghai and Glasgow’s cultures meeting together in Shikumen. In addition, I hope that this research can be applied to other renovations of old buildings to revive their histories just like the tenements in Glasgow.

final small print[235]2

first floor


final ground bed

final ground

final 021

final 01


Final big bed