MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Indraneil Ghosh

The MSc PDE course has helped shape my outlook on design, engineering, and life itself. It’s the context we design for that should be the focus of our creations. With this ethos, I like to add my own flavours of playfulness and humour; creating products that invoke emotion, engagement and build sentiment. For the major project, my goal was to create a product that can help children learn a language through music.

While in my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I pursued acting in theatre and composing music with my band. I drew from this experience and applied to the projects of my postgraduate degree.



Enzo The Elephant
Russell Hobbs Grill Redesign
C2C Wheelchair/Stroller

Enzo The Elephant

For children who arrive in a new country, but not speaking that language, starting a new school can be daunting. Music can be an effective way to teach a new language (like English) faster, while creating, collaborating and communicating.

Enzo, The Elephant, generates music whilst engaging students in a fun activity. Enzo helps students learn new words by correlating them to specific melodies. By using generative audio programs, the device can create endless possibilities in association with the tags (on objects) which assist the teacher in fun, collaborative learning.

The finished product is made of MDF board. The structure of the elephant is designed for repairability. Since each part is laser cut separately, it can be replaced for a new one. Assembly of the elephant is easy, without any glue, and can be done in the classroom as an activity.

render mockups 2


Russell Hobbs Grill Redesign

In this project, the Russel-n-Hobbs 3 in 1 Panini Press, Grill and Griddle was chosen to be analysed and re-designed. The grill can grill meat, griddle vegetables and press sandwiches.

The product was redesigned using human factors methods and processes. These processes included using anthropometric data to figure out the dimensions of parts that the user interacts. Other techniques included using the Gestalt Principle and concepts of Sensory Design. A prototype was created and tested again by the same users.

The hinge-button mechanism of the grill was addressed with issues of safety, ergonomics, and manufacturing defects. The new and improved feature can be refreshed in the following product update.


C2C Wheelchair/Stroller

C2C is wheelchair/stroller concept that embodies the philosophy of circular design, closing the loop of a product through the circle of life itself.  Taking into consideration the products that are handed down through generations, the product is presented as a “functional heirloom”. The wheelchair of an elderly person of the family can be passed on to an infant and so on.