MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Hoa Nguyen (B^ng) (he/him)

The more I grow as a Designer, the more I realise that what I enjoy about Graphic Design is the opportunity for my work to contribute to the betterment of everyday life.

‘Design shouldn’t just look good – it should do good as well.’ This statement captures my practice and my motivations as a Graphic Designer. Through my work, I aspire to help deliver meaningful messages and raise awareness of social subjects and themes. I believe that we all have chances to involve in the process of designing for good if we keep asking ourselves what else we could do to make an impact. Appreciating every chance to work on projects which advocate for—but are not limited to—equity, diversity, & sustainability, I also practice thinking critically and ethically in every design decision-making, even if that could be for grass-root communities, NGOs, enterprises, or just self-initiative projects.

Yet the process is thrilling, the result is worthy enough for me, a lifelong practitioner, to work wholeheartedly.

One Planet : The Publication
Renamed : The Typeface

One Planet : The Publication

One Planet is my final project on the Master programme, which was named after the first episode of Our Planet, a Netflix original documentary series and groundbreaking collaboration between WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films, narrated by David Attenborough.

Conceived as a book and as a tool for environmental activism, it borrows the content from the famous documentary to spread the message about protecting wildlife and advocating for sustainability. At the same time, the project is a challenge for graphic designers to apply visual language, typography, and crafting in translating moving images, sounds, voices, and information from a digital format to a printed medium.

One Planet – the first episode works as an intro of the documentary, providing an overview and the main philosophy of the whole series: “The connection between dust and the ocean, rains and the immigrations,… and the concern about what we do will determine the future for all life on Earth.” Therefore, the main design concept of the publication is ‘Wholeness’, embracing the connection of everything on Earth. Design decisions were directed towards illustrating an intimated connection, a continuity, a contribution of every single living thing to make our planet One Planet.

*546 pages – 145x155x40mm

Renamed : The Typeface

This is Renamed, a modular typeface which is designed with the eco-friendly concept in mind. Constructed by reusing limited shapes to reproduce different glyphs, Renamed also consumes less ink for printing and less space for display. Renamed has uppercase and lowercase letters. The typeface is available for English and Vietnamese which is quite understandable because the designer is from Vietnam, who is studying a Postgraduate degree in GSA, Scotland. Renamed will be published with an open-source license for fellows to remix, remake or reproduce. However, please keep in mind that Renamed uses less ink because it is stroke-only.

Renamed type specimen was screen-printed on supermarket eco-friendly bags and sustainable delivery packagings from brands. When trying to find suitable materials to print on the type specimen, I came across these things, which share the same message with my project. And because they told me to REUSE, I decided to reuse them as a type specimen.

*Renamed is named Renamed because I was renamed it after leaving it as Unnamed-Regular, a default name from FontLab, from the beginning of this project.