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Heyue Yang

I am an interior designer from Suzhou, China. I have an undergraduate background in urban and rural planning and landscape design, so I specialize in combining landscape and interior with a focus on eco-sustainable design. I am also very emotional and particularly enjoy working with narrative spaces and focusing on the emotional experience of people in the space. I want to use design as a means for me to express my emotions and communicate with the user through the space so that I can influence the psychological state of the person and even help the user to solve some problems.

Narrative of light

Narrative of light

This project was my narrative exploration of light, and I combined it with the psychology of color to explore how light and color affect one’s perception of space. Through my research, I have found that different shades and brightnesses of light can alter one’s perception of the temperature, quality, sense of time, and space in a space. I created an installation using this property for a fast-paced urban population. I have divided the area into two parts; in the first part, I use the concept of sensory overload to represent a state of accelerated time, forced to receive a large amount of information and spatially out of control, thus giving the experience a brief moment of pleasure. However, space-time compression inevitably leads to a loss of distance, and contemplation and meditation are abandoned in the momentary shock of the experience. In the second part of the space, I guide spiritual release through light, creating a contrast with the first part of the space, with the ultimate aim of enabling people who have lost themselves in fast-paced life to disconnect, connect, meditate and then reconnect with the world through sensory impact.



Time Acceleration

Information Overload

Out of Control

Darkness Perception

Solitary Space

Meditation Space