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Harshil Jogi

“I shall only belong to my Journey and my stories are perhaps my only achievements” ~ Harshil Jogi

An engineer by qualification and designer at heart, I am an MSc Product Design Engineer who graduated from The Glasgow school of art. I think the above quote fairly summarises my journey until now. My perspective toward success changed during my MSc PDE. Knowing how to handle the discomfort of uncertainty, disorientation, and sometimes paradox during the design process is what I have learned during this course, and am still learning. With my skills as a product design engineer, I am enthusiastic to take up challenging projects at the beautiful intersection of both product design and engineering.

Journals, Portfolio and CV
Human Factors Project (Stage 2)


Wheel+ is innovative, wheelchair-integrated equipment specially designed for Non-professional caregivers of Dialysis patients. The device allows the caregivers to transfer their patients easily between Bed, Wheelchair, and Car. It is designed keeping in requirements of Dialysis patients and their caregivers, however, can be useful for other patients too!

It was discovered during the research that all the available products serve as a passive solution. Besides using a wheelchair, the patient is also required to buy these separate bulky pieces of equipment. Wheel+ is a wheelchair-integrated solution, which makes it an active solution. It is a combination of armrest and footrest which transforms into a separate device, which can be used to transfer patients.



An integrated Wheelchair equipment Designed for Caregivers of Dialysis patients to transfer them after their blood purification

Initial fullscale prototype


Preferred concept

Preferred concept was inspired by a sack trolley, which need to be integrated into a wheelchair

Initial User trials

User trials were performed with few basic concepts of gait belt and sack trolleys.


Hinge exploration

Several hinge joints were manufactured to check the user experience and journey

Basic features

Final Design

Patient's position

Final User Journey

Human Factors Project (Stage 2)

As a part of the Human factors module, I and my team of a total of 3 had an opportunity to redesign a Hand Mixer called Chefette Hand mixer HM680 by a very well-known British kitchenware company KENWOOD Ltd. The first half of the project was all about critiquing the product, to do that several user tests were organized. Users were given a flowchart of directions to use a product while baking some delicious cupcakes. These tests were then recorded to note down the human factor challenges and confusion faced by the participants.

The second half was more about finding solutions, prototyping, and explorations of a new design based on the critique generated during the first half. Newly designed prototypes and concepts were again given to the users to identify the most preferred design concepts.

Final designs were tried to be kept similar to the original design of the product.