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Empowering Dyslexia Recognition | Masters Project

Empowering Dyslexia Recognition | Masters Project

Recognition of women’s dyslexic strengths through access to support and assessment

For women in Scotland dyslexia recognition is key to understanding how their brain works and stepping back from their past trauma. However, the cost of a dyslexia assessment means diagnosis is not accessible. Women especially go through education without their dyslexia being identified. Adult literacy and Numeracy (ALN) tutors at Glasgow Women’s Library are supporting women with unidentified dyslexia, but they are unable provide women with recognition of their dyslexia through an assessment.

My proposal enables women’s dyslexia to be recognised through training ALN tutors to assess for dyslexia. Throughout the dyslexia recognition process, support is provided by the dyslexia support group at Glasgow Women’s Library. Story sharing and dyslexic strengths sessions will bring women together to support each other. The training will use an assets based approach to appreciate the existing knowledge of ALN tutors and incorporate the assessment skills psychologist have.

Many thanks to Glasgow Women’s Library for their support and collaboration.


Empowering Dyslexia Diagnosis Video

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