MLitt Fine Art Practice School of Fine Art

Esyllt Angharad Lewis (she/her)

Lan a lawr a llithro intentionally slip to the rhythm of I dream in semi-circles don’t you worry about me!

Esyllt Angharad Lewis (@esylltesylit) is an artist, editor and translator from Craig-Cefn-Parc, Wales. She returned to GSA in May 2022 to finish the final part of her drawing Mlitt after pausing due to the pandemic. Her practice deals with tensions of language and communication from the perspective of a minority language speaker.

During her two month return to GSA, she framed her practice around the following question: Can translation be viewed as an arch?

Using the arch as a basis to question the nature of translation; a visually appealing, effortless shape which also holds within it a tension and complexity, allowed her to learn about process through its recurring motif. Where one thing moves across time and space to another point. Where there is a gap between two things, like a portal or opening, where language is bent, shifted, tensed, undone, before reaching the other side. Where the arch may or may not hold the weight above it. This question has provided a frame to move between and through printmaking, drawing, sculpture, painting, casting and performance. The arch has been an anchor point to translate herself and others over and over again – and through this process to discover new ways of considering what is at stake in and through translation.

‘y sws mewn pinc’
‘y sws mewn pinc’ audioguide
Bwa Bwa

Collaborative Works
Room with two sinks

‘y sws mewn pinc’

The way we say things to eachother can be spoilt, fractured, llyfn, – not everything is made to be dealladwy.  five

pedwar     four

three                      tri

two                                  dau

un                                               one

Cover my arms in paint and show you the meaning of it all. The meaning is in the move-O!– shifting, collapsing. Pouring the rubbish out.

y sws mewn pinc

trawsieithu + flowersun

For Sale: Price on Request, print and sunflowers sold separately

wax sunflower suspension

speaker + arch

flowersun - white

For Sale: Price on request

flexi delicious + O

bwa bwa

litho stone installation

‘y sws mewn pinc’ audioguide

A visual apparatus – apparatus – apparatus,  give it to me – cyfarpar hanfodol ar gyfer unrhyw ddeiliad stiwdio. O o o och a gwae, och aye that was delicious – y sws mewn pinc.

audioguide for 'y sws mewn pinc'

audio playing from a suspended speaker in the exhibition space, a voice to accompany the visual.

Bwa Bwa

Can we make an arch translation?

Bwa Bwa

Video displayed on old editing monitor on high shelf in exhibition space. Performance work exploring communication through flexi-ply and movement. Can we make an arch translation? Working with Emma Lewis-Jones.


BWA is a collaborative performance work by Esyllt Lewis and Emma Lewis-Jones exploring the limitations of translation and complexities of non-verbal communication. The pair talk and move with a strip of flexiply in an amusing and peculiar trio.


Flying Duck performance

First public sharing of BWA or Perform Space Glasgow at the Flying Duck

Pink 1

Pink 3

Pink 2

Room with two sinks

A new collaboration between peers Odile Postic, Esyllt Lewis and Emma Lewis-Jones, Room with two sinks is an installation that features 2D and 3D work based around the shared themes in the artists’ solo practices; grief, authority and sexuality.

Mediums in the installation include silicone, plaster, ceramics, lithography and tattoo ink.

All three

Smashed n floor

3 pieces

2 types of flowers face the sun



Corner 2

Corner 3


Flowers with mask

In tact


Phone flower

Sink stack


Smashed 2

Smashed repaired

Two sinks