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Emily Harling (She/her)

Emily Harling (b. 1996) grew up in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, is a Glasgow based artist. Harling’s work is introspective, it addresses her fleeting thoughts and feelings about life in relation to her mental health. She draws daily doodles accompanied by relatable and often melancholy phrases, that lead to large, colourful mural installations. She is also the creator and curator of independent artist-led zine, Chroma Zone Magazine.

Something will hit me eventually

Something will hit me eventually

“Something will hit me eventually” is an immersive mural reminiscent of a stage setting, illustrating a fantasy landscape I developed from my drawings in different media. It consists of vibrant emulsion painted on MDF boards with focal bubble writing stating, “Something will hit me eventually” and “something like this maybe”. This text indicates the cyclical relationship between thinking and making in my practice. It is ambiguous to imply multiple meanings, “Something will hit me eventually” can be taken as a lightbulb moment or quite literally getting hit, especially when read alongside the winding road.

The broken brick walls act as an entryway to this sickly-sweet fantasy world. The road and laptop indicate a world beyond the world represented in the mural and a stand-alone floor lamp acts as a figurative presence in the display. The pile of books alludes to finite, analogue information in contrast to the boundless but distanced knowledge accessible via a computer. Fragmented continuations of the painting on the walls and floor anchor the mural into the space.

Something will hit me eventually