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Di Zhou (Mr)

Life is challenging. When people face difficulties, they often attempt to overcome difficulties by exerting their spiritual strength in order to live out the splendour of their lives.


Architecture or interior design is not about providing a luxurious environment, but it could be argued it is about giving users a spiritual experience of space. Vitruvius set the principle of architecture to be solid and practical, and beauty, which I understand as truth. First, the architecture acts as a shelter, providing a safe, solid and practical environment. Then, as an installation, provides a spiritual experience that reconnects people with nature. It causes people to rethink their place in the universe, thereby arousing a kind of sublime emotion, and this inspired spiritual force has a beneficial effect on people’s life.


As an interior architect, I want to explore what the interior environment can produce for people’s spiritual world.



Research project: Inhabit

Research project: Inhabit


Framed by the ideas of Zen Buddhism, idealism and the Enlightenment, this presentation puts the human mind at the center of the design vernacular, focusing on the spiritual and psychic dimensions of the home. By exploring the nature of architecture and the meaning of life, it leads to the value and significance of the house. The power of the human mind and the factors that influence it are explored, and these factors are summarized and translated towards house design principles.

The significance of the report lies in the breakthrough of adding the consideration of the spiritual dimension to the previous design approach, and creatively proposing the role of contrasting categories