MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Dan Li

I am a graphic designer from Beijing. I use my practice to reflect upon and process the world as I experience it, my current project is exploring the relationship between the image of women often presented to us
by advertising and the role & responsibility of graphic designers in this.
I have broad interests in the sphere of visual culture and am developing
a design practice that is global in its outlook. My work is often inspired by contemporary social issues to which I critically reflect and then develop an authorial response; exploring my perspective and understanding
of the subject matter and presented through my own visual voice or language.

Perfect Lady

Perfect Lady

My project is about the impact of appearance anxiety, the “male gaze” and idealised images of women upon the mental health of young women. The advertisements promote the products by implying their potential to fulfil a male expectation of women— as objects of desire. My project takes a satirical point of view, presenting a product line for an imagined brand “Perfect Lady.” I want to encourage and empower young women to see through this outdated messaging.


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