MLitt Curatorial Practice School of Fine Art

Chia-Chi Tsao (She/her)

Chia Chi Tsao (Violet) is a curator who has been exploring the relationship between human existence and the system. More specifically, she is interested in biopolitics, sociology and philosophy. The latest field Tsao has been focusing on is Time. Starting with slow cinema, Tsao expends research on time feeling, duration, time value, Accelerationism, labour and consumption.

In Tsao’s final curatorial project, COST OF NAPPING, time is discussed as a topic in relation to a systematic world. The exhibition addresses ideas of TIME IS MONEY in the context of the experience economy and the ways in which profit has become synonymous with value. Featuring artists Chih-Kang Hsu, Meray Diner, Vytautas Bikauskas and Maria-Cristina Onea, Tsao titles herself as the curator and the time dealer by putting up an exhibition of artists who utilise their own approaches toward Time, while she also dominates artists’ labour time. She reflects on the topic by switching her own role.

The aim of COST OF NAPPING is not to propose solutions or alternatives, but simply to illustrate that we all live in this Mobius strip-alike cycle, putting up our tiniest, personal resistance every day. The hope is to make such struggles visible and soothing with the theme of time.