MDes Graphics/​Illustration/​Photography School of Design

Chensi Yan

Working as a graphic designer, I like to explore and experiment with combinations of text and image to apply to a range of visual outcomes. First hand interviews are central to my practice as I often approach emotion, the subtleties in life, and the connection between society and the individual as a basis for self-motivated project work. These connections can only be thoroughly explored through the discussion with other people, and create a strong basis for thought provoking yet sympathetic visual solutions.

The sense of security
Data visualization

The sense of security

Security can emerge from many places — a parents’ affection, a lovers’ company, even material objects — and it comes from both external and internal sources. No one can live in an absolutely “safe” environment and no relationship can be absolutely “secure”.

Through this project, I wanted to collect people’s definitions of security in society, consider personal emotional experiences, and the individual need for spiritual security. I have then transformed these textual notions of “security” into visual images. I hope to inspire people to think about how they can get enough security from themselves, others or from further external factors.

The project is divided into three parts: data visualisation, typeface, and illustration.


Data visualization

I interview 50 people of different ages on five questions of security. Then according to the high frequent answers to extract keywords, and made a data visualisation poster.

interview results

key words

data visualisation poster


“Speaking of security, it is like a white irregular soft cloud.”

Based on people’s descriptions, I made a set of cloud fonts.



typeface poster

typeface attempt


Narrative illustrations are divided into three categories. Yellow represents people’s material needs, orange represents emotional needs and red is some kind of posture description of the sense of security.

illustration 1

illustration 2

illustration 3