MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Chen Zhang

As a product design student, I’m used to observing people’s lives and how people interact with various products. I have always aspired to design products that can improve the quality of people’s lives and are easy to use. I am interested in interactive product design, and I believe technology is an important support for product design. In my stage3 project, I have focused on taxi drivers’ health and their correct driving posture.

Healthy Driving

Healthy Driving

Being a professional driver is a compulsory sedentary occupation. A taxi driver can spend nearly ten hours sitting in a car every day. Prolonged driving makes many drivers physically uncomfortable. However, many drivers are unaware of changing or correcting their driving posture can help reduce the physical discomfort. I designed an interactive car seat cover that utilises load cells that measure weight distribution on the seat. When the weight value is not in the setting range, drivers will receive vibrational feedback to adjust their posture. Meanwhile, The product can be used with mobile phones to get in-car exercise guidance.

Controler Instruction

seat cover monitoring system

testing prototype

using process

Arduino flowchart