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Chen Wang (She)

I am a interdisciplinary student of interior design from interactive media art. My works like to explore some social phenomena in life, and also like to dig the truth or psychological and philosophical implications behind these phenomena. Ideas evolve into concepts, concepts guide space, and space ultimately expresses ideas. Since I have one year’s work experience before coming to the UK, I will pay more attention to the scale and practical functionality of space. Creative ideas and solutions that can be implemented are the destination of a complete design. Starting from the details I am interested in, transforming them into spatial language is my favorite and persistent thing.



The concept of the project is “Solitude”. The study of Solitude has shown that people are more likely to be in a state of flow when they are alone, and that flow is more likely to occur when they work or study than when they are at leisure. I choose the abandoned container seat design space, reuse the abandoned space, create a study and work space suitable for solitude, and use the progressive relationship of space to guide people into the state of flow.

This project is a universal space. I also consider setting this space in the abandoned telephone booths and stops.

Spatial Evolution
Spatial Evolution
Reading Space
Creative Space
Immersion Space
Transition Space
Traffic Flow