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Cangyue Zhang

I am cangyue zhang, a textile and fashion designer with a diverse background. I have achieved my bachelor’s degree in environmental design and devoted myself to textile and fashion in the graduate stage.

Different backgrounds make me more flexible and diversified in thinking and ideas. I have never abandoned my previous experience and love to draw inspiration from life.

My study in Glasgow has influenced my design thinking and methods, and I have had room for growth as a designer. Now My design logic and ideas are more mature. During this stage, I have achieved a derivative development in print.

Out with Glasgow School of Art,  I will continue to develop my skills and devote myself to textile and pattern design.



Secret Garden is a collection of print textiles for womenswear.

I am designer who is interested and specialized in print and textile design.My collection is inspired by a farming game I played in my spare time——Stardew Valley.I relieved a lot of pressure by planting in this game. The pixelated style and colours of the game appealed to me, especially some of the geometric shapes and patterns.In the meantime, this game also reminds me that nowadays, people tend to grow fruits and flowers in their yards orabandon the city for a bit to experience growing crops in the country to relieve the pressures of a fast-paced life. People create a secret space by plantingand returning to nature.

To start with my research, I found some artwork and inspiration pictures as a reference. It gives me an idea to think about turning reality things into manga.I watched some documentaries and found one called “little forest, “which significantly related to my topic. I got some screenshots from the documentary and some planting ideas from it.For contemporary research, I found some magazine shoots with the theme of farming and rural life. For the historical aspect, I mainly researched what peasants wore in the 20th in a different country. At the same time, I also used some oil paintings as a reference and summarized the characteristics of the garments. Amish Shaker Community clothing is an essential part of my research. Their clothing characteristics also give me a lot of inspiration. In addition, I also studied theworks of some designers. These works also give me some ideas for the silhouette.

In this collection, I design a series of fruit and vegetable patterns using naivety illustration, combining the planting elements in the game with real life tocreate a ” secret garden “that brings me peace in my busy life and carries my expectation of returning to natural.

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