MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Ashmak Moon (He/Him)

As a Product Design Engineer with a background in Mechanical Engineering, I am keen on finding a technology-problem fit. I am devoted to discovering the depths of complex socio-economic problems and delivering long-lasting, sustainable, and sensible outcomes in the form of physical products. I believe that with interdisciplinary collaboration, we can reveal the undiscovered areas of design. Communication between the industry, the community of consumers, and the government can lead to products that are required in this time and context. My major project is reflecting on the complex supply chain of fresh produce and opportunities, making it simpler and keeping nutritional security at the core.




As the global population grows, conventional agriculture will require support to provide sufficient food and nutrition from the agricultural industry. Looking at the complex supply chain requiring long-distance transportation and refrigeration in the fresh food sector, we need an urgent solution to provide nutritional security. My focus in this project is to build a modular growth capsule that is robust, and scalable to feed an ever-growing urban population by producing hyperlocal food within the city limits. Employing surplus city resources and passive systems for controlling the growth environment to produce food all year long offers a promising way of supplementing conventional agriculture. With advances in technology in this field, I see a bright future for urban farming with increasing feasibility.