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Aryaman Jacob

Designers are traditionally identified not so much by the kinds of problems they tackle as by the kinds of solutions they produce.

– How Designers Think, Bryan Lawson

I love exploring new fields and systems as a designer because it allows me to approach everything with a child-like curiosity. Some people believe designers work outside the proverbial box. I believe design thrives within said box and take inspiration from everything around them.

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The HAT Sleeve

Collaborative Work

The HAT Sleeve

Research question:

Repetitive tasks performed by electricians lead to long term issues in the hand and forearm muscles. How may we design Augmentation technology to help with the
discomfort caused by repetitive strain injury and promote better workplace well-being.

Design direction:

This design intends to promote well-being for blue collar jobs and hopes it could lead to an increase in their work time which gets hindered by strain caused from repetitive tasks performed on the job, and can get amplified in cold temperatures.

The sleeve would become part of an electricians gear. During their induction, maybe when they are an apprentice, they are made aware on how to use the sleeve and what benefits it provides. By providing timely comfort to affected areas, this augmentation sleeve hopes to promote well-being in the blue collar workplace. It would benefit not just electricians but also employees in other trade jobs by providing support for their wrists, heat/cold therapy in discomfort areas and monitor body functions as a self-contained piece of technology, i.e. it wont be connected with other technologies in any way.

Hero Shot

The designed sleeve as envisioned being used during work

Front and back of the Sleeve

Impact Map


Team Members: Aryaman Jacob, Shashank Gedala, Suraj P Suresh, Varanneya Thakore, Yaxuan Li
Project Mentor: Dr Christine Farion
Collaborators: Kev & Glyn (SurfABLE Scotland)

SurfABLE Scotland stands as Scotland’s pioneering surf school, designed for children with Additional Support Needs (ASN) as well. Offering both surfing and swimming lessons, SurfABLE provides a fully adaptive and inclusive experience.

Distinguished from standard surfing sessions, ASN surfing is tailored to accommodate individual needs. Dedicated coaches facilitate balance through the utilization of adaptive surfboards, expertly selecting ideal waves and providing necessary support to students throughout their sessions. This approach ensures a safe and enriching experience for all participants.


Process Video