MSc Serious Games & Virtual Reality School of Simulation & Visualisation

Amanda Jane Heavey

Amanda Jane Heavey is an interior visualisation and video game artist who enjoys applying the principles of interior design to interactive virtual environments.

A recent graduate from the BA(Hons) Interior Design course at the Glasgow School of Art, Amanda followed her passion for creating interactive digital spaces to the MSc in Serious Games & Virtual Reality. Having had very little coding knowledge, this course provided her with the means to create what she could only imagine being able to produce previously without the help of others.

Amanda is inspired by how interior design principles influence the video games industry in their creation of digital worlds, how they guide the players around the environments using these interior design fundamentals, and how interior design can be influenced by these virtual environments created for video games.

Where did I lose it? – Unity Game
You’ll be ok! – Unity Game
Character Scultping – zBrush
Carbit Capture – Board Game
Colour me a home – Unity Game

Where did I lose it? – Unity Game

Where did I lose it? Is a third-person simulation game, where the main character must navigate their way through multiple areas, which have a different environmental feeling to them.

The main storyline for this game is that the player-controlled character has lost his pet dog and needs to travel through multiple locations to find him, picking up various items along the way which may better help the player understand what they are looking for as they are not directly told anything about the story.

The game takes place in the characters’ home town, beginning with a small residential street, moving on to a main town train station, then finally to a park, from where they must travel back through all the locations finishing back at their home.

The player navigates each area and must make it from point A to point B. As the player explores the scene, they will be able to interact with various objects which they can pick up and will be added to an inventory. Once the player makes it from point A to point B, they will be transported to the next location. After visiting so many of these locations, they will need to backtrack on their path to make it, this time, from point B to point A through these same locations.

Where did I lose it? Walkthough video

Street view - Day

Train station view - Day

Park view - Day

Street view - Night

Train station view - Night

Park view - Night

Ticket Office Model

Train station model

Ticket office model

Platform model

Full train station model

Platforms with ticket office model

You’ll be ok! – Unity Game

A brief description

‘You’ll be okay!’ is an educational simulation game, where the main player will navigate situations that may be stressful for someone who experiences anxiety. During these stressful situations, the player must use ‘grounding’ techniques that are loosely based on the ”5 senses grounding techniques” to reduce the anxiety meter and bring the player back to a neutral state.

Who is this game for

The target audience are people who know someone suffering from this condition or simply wish to know more about it but would like to have a safe space where they can partially experience what being outside, in ordinarily, normal situations like going to the supermarket, feels like for people who have this condition.

Main menu

Level One Model

Mini Map Game Locations

Mini Map Sprite Sheet

You'll be ok! walkthrough video

Mini Map

UI Design

Character Scultping – zBrush

For my elective, I chose to learn the basics of zBrush to create character models as this is something I always wanted to learn.

Below is a small selection of the characters I modelled within this learning period.

Soul Slayer Nemesis recreation

My recreation of a character skin from the game Smite by HiRez studios, original skin was created by Jonathan Kuo.

Dragon head

Sneaky Simon

Carbit Capture – Board Game

Carbit Capture is a game about removing ‘carbits’ from the environment. Players will navigate the game board, using their carbits as a currency to plant trees, harnessing their knowledge and social skills and competing with other players to be the first to reach carbit neutrality.

At its core, the game design is intended to encourage players to understand that their actions have consequences. That the small decisions they make can have a dramatic effect on their personal climate impact, and that carbit neutrality is a difficult but achievable option which will in turn improve the world. By encouraging players to understand the problems the world is facing at all scales, from a household to a country, we hope to empower them to understand that using that knowledge can turn their footprint into a net positive for the world by trapping their carbits in sustainable forms.

Each player represents a household within the community of the other players. The main goal of the game is to become a carbit free household by making good choices along the way. Once any player has reached this carbit free state, they are the winner of the game.

rule book front cover


Card Example

Card 2 Example



Colour me a home – Unity Game

A Brief Description
‘Colour Me A Home’ is a serious interactive 3D game that provides the users a good primer on the basics of colour theory and how to use a colour wheel. Users will learn how to mix colours together to create different colour schemes in relation to interior design, as well as simple rules of interior design such as the ‘60 30 10’ rule. Due to the nature of the game, it is unfortunately not colour-blind friendly,

What is this game about?
The colour wheel is essential in interior design as it demonstrates which colours do or do not go together. This game places the player as a new recruit at a colour consultancy job with a company called Colour Me a Home. The player is being trained to be a colour consultant by the owner of the company, who will guide the player through each of the levels.

Interior render for main menu

Sprite - Information

Sprite Intro Audio

Colour wheel for 3rd room

Colour wheel for last room