MSc Product Design Engineering School of Design

Alfie Talbot (He/Him)

I am a product designer who throughout their studies has specialised in early development and healthcare. Industrial experience as a 3D printing engineer means I have the practical ability to prototype, design mechanical systems and produce for final manufacture.

However, my most valuable asset is empathy. Conducting a range of projects which focus on vulnerable demographics, I have learnt to understand other people, learnt how to design socially sustainable products, and seen first-hand how the littlest things can really improve someone’s quality of life.

Summary of work
Safe and accessible blood tests for elderly diabetics

Safe and accessible blood tests for elderly diabetics

Every day, across the UK, district nurses are required to travel from home to home to help assist elderly diabetic patients with checking their blood glucose levels and taking their medicine. It is a time-consuming task that is draining NHS resources.

Diabetes is increasing in the UK; it is estimated that there are close to half a million diabetic patients over the age of 75 years old living independently in the UK today.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, trigger finger, arthritis, and eyesight loss. This results in there being a demographic of elderly diabetic patients with reduced dexterity and capabilities.

The reason nurses need to perform so many home visits are due to the fact the patients are unable to operate the diabetic management equipment by themselves, due to the fact it hasn’t been designed with these patients in mind. The most difficult instrument to use is the Lancing Device (this the device used to ‘prick’ one’s finger to get a blood sample).