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Aayushi Govil (she/her)

I am an Interior Designer from India. In my opinion, Interior Design shapes space that seamlessly resonates with one’s identity and inner voice. My design values include solution planning that focuses on creating an ingenious spatial experience for users. As a designer, I have always focused on user needs, illuminating the process’s practical aspects while experimenting with conceptual planning to add creativity and originality.

In my creative process, I intend to integrate the design brief with challenging concepts and theories and explore materials and forms, while emphasizing the functional aspect of the design. In my two years of professional experience, I have assisted in conceptual and schematic design phases. As a result, I have acquired an understanding of critical design principles and gained confidence in my ability to balance aesthetics and practicality.


ENTWINED – Cultural Experience Center

ENTWINED – Cultural Experience Center

For this research project, I intend to develop a cultural experience center that preserves and uplifts valuable intangible cultural heritage, while establishing significant historic traces within an urban context that promotes the concept of ‘Designing the Future, Restoring the Past’ and evolve people’s understanding about the importance of heritage and culture. With this, I am also interested in understanding how this design proposal can be used as a strategic model in different parts of the world to promote the concept of ‘Designing the Future, Restoring the Past’.

The design research is inspired by Harris Tweed, Scotland’s century-old pride. This fabric contributes significantly in understanding regional roots and traditions. The spatial concept is inspired by the cultural heritage of the Scottish Isles, the Outer Hebrides, the people, social practices associated with the craft, and the stories of the weaving community. Translating this historical narrative to life through an experiential environment will allow visitors to gain a deeper understanding of “The Big Cloth” – Harris Tweed and its relevance in today’s world.


About Harris Tweed Cloth

This visual talks about the background of Harris Tweed and the cultural values attached to the craft.

Research Development

Part collection of insights and observations that contributed to the formulation of the design proposal.

Exploration 1 and 2

Material experimentation done to understand the nature of the raw material used to produce the Harris Tweed.


This visual highlights the critical values of the site that resonate with the concept of the proposal.


This visual explains the zoning of the space considering it's function and area requirement.


This space is considered as the main floor as it is dedicated to the experiential trail of learning about the ‘Big Cloth’ .


This visual illustrates the sequence of spatial layout as well as the transition between the various processes involved in Harris Tweed production.

ENTWINED - Cultural Experience Center

This is a walk-through video that focuses on the experiential journey within the space while exploring the traditional process of making Harris Tweed.








The concept behind this project was inspired by a discussion between a child (Arru) and his grandfather. While passing through a wind turbine farm one day, Arru, 8 years old and confused, asked his grandpa what the huge portable hand fan structure was about. Further, the grandpa explained to the kid about the wind turbine and its use and also mentioned that currently, a few large-scale turbines at the Whitelee Farmland are not working due to a missing part and how the workers are searching for it so that they can restart the turbine.

Inspired by his will to find the part, Arru travels into his imagination of going through an adventure trail to find the missing part of the wind turbine with the help of his friends.

final page


This video represents the transition between the levels of the adventure trail inside the tower of the wind turbine.